Seattle Subway has been working hard lately to let folks know about Regional Proposition 1. Better known as Sound Transit 3, Proposition 1 is a transportation measure on the November ballot that guarantees expansion of light rail, commuter rail, and bus service throughout the Puget Sound over the next 25 years. In this latest video, Seattle Subways makes the case that a YES vote is needed to get the ball rolling on these projects. They point out that having approved projects now makes it more likely that the region will be able to get Federal dollars to speed up project timelines and that cities can also work to reduce delays by streamlining paperwork and required environmental studies. So take a gander at the video, then grab you ballot and vote YES on Proposition 1.

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Charles Bond

Charles is an avid cyclist that uses his bike as his primary mode of transportation. He grew up in the Puget Sound, but is currently overseas living in Japan. He covers a range of topics like cycling, transit, and land use. His time in Tokyo really opened his eyes to what urbanism offers people and has a strong desire to see growth happen in Seattle.