Congestion pricing in America is virtually non-existent, but there is talk of implementation in cities such as Portland, Seattle, and New York City. In Stockholm, congestion pricing was originally implemented on a trial basis with extreme public skepticism, but opinion rapidly changed once positive results rolled in. The scheme ended up sticking around. In this video, Stockholm’s transportation director Jonas Eliasson explains how things changed in the city with traffic and travel demand after implementation.


  1. I strongly recommend watching the full video linked at the bottom of his recent TransitCenter presentation, even though the technical video quality isn’t spectacular.

    I attended in person. It was absolutely electrifying.

  2. I think it’s about time we try this in Seattle. Like in Stockholm, it won’t be immediately popular until people see how much easier it makes it to get around. In the shorter term, a toll on I-5 would be a good start, as suburban commuters seem to be the cause of most congestion in the afternoon rush hour.

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