Mayor Mike McGinn cutting the ribbon on the Ballard Neighborhood Greenway as kids on bikes line up to get a first ride. (Credit: Dennis Bratland)
Mayor Mike McGinn cutting the ribbon on the Ballard Neighborhood Greenway. (Credit: Dennis Bratland)

In an effort to continue providing great content, programming, advocacy, and analysis, we’re running a fundraising drive this week at The Urbanist. We think what we do is valuable, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Below is a testimonial from Mike McGinn, who was Mayor of Seattle from 2009 to 2013–his support of bike and pedestrian infrastructure was so steadfast that local media dubbed him Mayor McSchwinn. 

In my decades of working on public policy, there has been a growing recognition that how we build our cities and towns determines whether we can make progress on our most pressing issues–from income inequality to climate change to social justice. That means we have to give local decisions on land use, transportation, and housing the scrutiny they deserve–not the glossed over windshield view that we get from many mainstream media outlets. You know the outlets I’m talking about: the ones that fuss over “where will we put the cars” and ignore “how will we house our people.” The Urbanist has been doing this hard work since 2014, primarily as a labor of love, and they deserve your financial support. Their willingness to elevate the discussion is critical to building the future we want.

The featured image is by Dennis Bratland.

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Mike McGinn

Mike McGinn has worked on climate, transportation, housing and land use issues as a Washington state Sierra Club leader, Community Council president, founder of the non-profit Great City, and as mayor of Seattle. Since his mayoral term ended in 2013 he has continued volunteering for advocacy organizations and supporting the work of local advocates.