Charles Mudede smiling
Charles Mudede at the Pop Conference in 2016. (Photo by Joe Mabel, Wikimedia Commons)

Filmmaker and Stranger editor Charles Mudede is headlining an event on Wednesday, September 30th kicking off The Urbanist’s annual Fall Subscriber Drive. The hour-long conversation starting at 6pm will be moderated by Cary Moon.

Mudede and Moon teamed up on a four-part series on the housing crisis in The Stranger. The concluding piece proposed that Seattle “increase the funding for and production of public housing ten-fold, and quick.” Oh to imagine a Seattle where Cary Moon is Mayor right now and Mudede is a top adviser instead of Comcast lobbyists and Murray retreads.

The duo teamed up again in April with a piece titled “Welcome to Tomorrowland: What we must do to remake the post-coronavirus society.” Some of the themes are likely to come back up in our discussion. We’ll take questions from the audience, too.

During our Fall Subscriber Drive, we look back at what we’ve been up to for the last six months, but we also like to look ahead to where we’d like to go–both organizationally and as a city. And of course, we also have to pay our bills and ask for our financial support from our readers to make it possible. The Mudede talk is a fantastic opportunity to envision that future and kickoff our two-week drive.

By the way, Mudede has been up to a lot more than writing economic think pieces with Cary Moon. He also co-wrote and directed an acclaimed independent film Thin Skin starring Ahamefule Oluo and based on Oluo’s autobiographical one-man show. Ijeoma Oluo–who is Ahamefule’s sister–also starred in the film. Ijeoma and Mudede have collaborated on several occasions, such as at this 2019 Town Hall Seattle talk on So You Wanna Talk About Race. Mudede gets around and his fingerprints are on a great deal of cultural and political output on this city.

Don’t miss this talk. Register below to get the Zoom link.

Update: We’ve embedded the video from the event for those who missed it.

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