The Capitol building in Olympia is marble colored and include pillars and a dome in the classic style.
The State Capitol in Olympia. (Stephen Fesler)

As of 8pm this evening, the early returns for the 2022 August Primary have been posted. Counting will continue over the coming weeks, usually with daily counts being released after 4pm. The Urbanist Elections Committee made endorsements in a long list of state legislative races and one congressional race.

Below is a roundup of the early results, including non-endorsed races across Western Washington. Only the top three vote-getting candidates are shown, if over 10%. The Urbanist Elections Committee did not endorse in all races noted if candidates did not respond to the endorsement process or the committee did pick a race for endorsement. Only the top two candidates will move to the general election in November.

Key: INC = Incumbent, * = Endorsed Candidate, DEM = Democrat, REP = Republican, IND = Independent

State Legislative Races

LD01-1 RepresentativeDavina Duerr* (INC, DEM) 72%John Peeples (REP) 28%
LD11-1 RepresentativeDavid Hackney* (INC, DEM) 69%Stephanie Peters (REP) 30%
LD21-1 RepresentativeStrom Peterson* (INC, DEM) 68%Amy Schaper (REP) 32%
LD22-1 RepresentativeBeth Doglio* (DEM) 52%Loretta Byrnes (REP) 19%Sans Gilmore (REP) 11%
LD22-2 RepresentativeJessica Bateman* (INC, DEM) 63%Kate Plager (REP) 30%
LD26 SenateEmily Randall (INC, DEM) 53%Jesse Young (REP) 43%
LD26-2 RepresentativeMichelle Caldier (INC, REP) 53%Matthew Macklin* (REP) 47%
LD27 SenateYasmin Trudeau* (INC, DEM) 70%Ashley Ray (REP) 18%Mike Stewart (REP) 12%
LD29-2 RepresentativeSharlett Mena* (DEM) 41%David Figuracion (REP) 41%Melissa Knott (DEM) 17%
LD 30 SenateClaire Wilson* (INC, DEM) 55%Linda Kochmar (REP) 36%Mark Christie (REP) 9%
LD32-1 RepresentativeCindy Ryu* (INC, DEM) 83%Lori Theis (REP) 16%
LD33-2 RepresentativeMia Gregerson* (INC, DEM) 93%
LD34 SenateJoe Nguyen* (INC, DEM) 83%John Potter (REP) 11%
LD34-1 RepresentativeEmily Alvarado (DEM) 52%Leah Griffin* (DEM) 33%Jolie Lansdowne (REP) 15%
LD34-2 RepresentativeJoe Fitzgibbon* (INC, DEM) 83%Andrew Pilloud (REP) 17%
LD36 SenateNoel Frame* (DEM) 81%Kate Martin (REP) 18%
LD36-1 RepresentativeJulia Reed* (DEM) 53%Jeff Manson (DEM) 15%Waylon Robert (DEM) 11%
LD36-2 RepresentativeLiz Berry* (INC, DEM) 97%
LD37 SenateRebecca Saldaña* (INC, DEM) 97%
LD37-2 RepresentativeChipalo Street* (DEM) 40%Emijah Smith (DEM) 34%Nimco Bulale (DEM) 13%
LD42 SenateSharon Shewmake (DEM) 48%Simon Sefzik (INC, REP) 33%Ben Elenbaas (REP) 19%
LD43-1 RepresentativeNicole Macri* (INC, DEM) 98%
LD44 SenateJohn Lovick* (INC, DEM) 59%Jeb Brewer (REP) 41%
LD44-1 RepresentativeBrandy Donaghy* (INC, DEM) 54%Mark Harmsworth (REP) 46%
LD45 SenateManka Dhingra* (INC, DEM) 66%Ryika Hooshangi (REP) 33%
LD46 SenateJavier Valdez* (DEM) 82%Matthew Gross (DEM) 13%
LD46-1 RepresentativeGerry Pollet (INC, DEM) 84%Hadeel Jeanne* (DEM) 15%
LD46-2 RepresentativeLelach Rave (DEM) 31%Darya Farivar (DEM) 27%Melissa Taylor* (DEM) 19%
LD 47-2 RepresentativeChris Stearns (DEM) 36%Shukri Olow* (DEM) 18%Barry Knowles (REP) 18%
LD48 SenatePatty Kuderer* (INC, DEM) 72%Michelle Darnell (REP) 28%
LD48-2 RepresentativeAmy Walen* (INC, DEM) 94%

Statewide and Federal Races

Secretary of StateSteve Hobbs (INC, DEM) 41%Julie Anderson (IND) 13%Bob Hagglund (REP) 12%
WA SenatePatty Murray (INC, DEM) 54%Tiffany Smiley (REP) 32%
WA-01 RepresentativeSuzan DelBene (INC) 64%Vincent Cavaleri (REP) 19%
WA-02 RepresentativeRick Larsen (INC, DEM) 48%Dan Matthews (REP) 18%Jason Call (DEM) 13%
WA-06 RepresentativeDerek Kilmer (INC, DEM) 53%Elizabeth Kreiselmaier (REP) 23%Todd Bloom (REP) 10%
WA-07 RepresentativePramila Jayapal (INC, DEM) 84%
WA-08 RepresentativeKim Schrier (INC, DEM) 49%Matt Larkin (REP) 16%Reagan Dunn (REP) 15%
WA-09 RepresentativeAdam Smith (INC, DEM) 57%Doug Basler (REP) 21%Stephanie Gallardo* (DEM) 13%
WA-10 RepresentativeMarilyn Strickland (INC, DEM) 56%Keith Swank (REP) 33%
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