Ballard's Majestic Bay movie theater was closed in March 2020 to combat the spread of Covid-19. The theater has since reopened. (Ray Dubicki)

In this podcast, managing editor Natalie Argerious and I discuss movies made in the Emerald City. From The Parallax View through Say Anything, there were tons of films and shows that were about Seattle and also made in Seattle. By the turn of the millennium, moviemaking in the city tapered off as nearby places became cheaper and easier filming locations.

Such a change brings up a little jealousy because so many films jobs are going elsewhere in the PNW, particularly just over the border to Vancouver, B.C. The state has begun to address the problem by developing a new soundstage on Harbor Island and offering a tax credit to compete with other states. The City followed suit with the creation of a new Seattle Film Commission to chase those productions that could happen (and should happen) in town. But we have to ask: is it enough to bring movie makers? And more importantly, do we want them?

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Tony Zhou’s excellent and sadly discontinued YouTube show “Every Frame a Painting” covers why Vancouver is such an excellent backdrop for films and television.

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