It’s always interesting when one of the architecture channels has an opening drone shot that makes you go, “Wait, I know that leafy hill in front of towers in front of a sound.” Welcome to a lovely residence in the Leschi neighborhood (or just slightly south). The rest of the video is a sturdy mix of ARCH 301 studio description and the ASMR real estate videos with the ever-moving camera. Bonus for the use of the word “gizmo” to describe the front door’s opening mechanism.

Presenter Kevin Kudo-King is the owner-principal of architecture firm Olsen Kundig who designed the house. The firm has overseen local landmarks like the Center for Wooden Boats and the Burke Museum. Kudo-King has collaborated on a number of galleries and residential projects, and does some good work here explaining the benefits of exposed pipes.

From an analysis point of view, sometimes it’s just fun to see a local building talked up and listen to how architects describe Seattle to the outside world.

Hopefully there’s a ton of sunlight and not “liquid light” for your holiday weekend plans. Welcome to summer, everyone.

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Ray Dubicki is a stay-at-home dad and parent-on-call for taking care of general school and neighborhood tasks around Ballard. This lets him see how urbanism works (or doesn’t) during the hours most people are locked in their office. He is an attorney and urbanist by training, with soup-to-nuts planning experience from code enforcement to university development to writing zoning ordinances. He enjoys using PowerPoint, but only because it’s no longer a weekly obligation.