Countdown to Northgate Link

Five hot air balloons at Green Lake Park's eastern fields. This was taken during 2018 annual Pathway of Lights.

An Urbanist’s Destination Guide to the Roosevelt Station Area

With the Northgate link light rail extension coming online, tens of thousands of additional daily riders are estimated to use the region's light rail...
A photo shows a road with a bike lane.

Catch Up on Development in the Roosevelt Station Area

When we last covered new development coming to the Roosevelt Station area, the Link light rail Northgate extension was still over two years away...
Photo of the eastern facade of the Kraken Community Iceplex

An Urbanist’s Destination Guide to the Northgate Station Area

From ice skating to disc golf, the Northgate Station area offers activities to work up an appetite, as well as globe-spanning cuisine to satisfy...
A rendering shows the potential and planned projects at Northgate Station, formerly Northgate Mall.

With Light Rail’s Arrival, Northgate Urban Center Takes Shape

Transportation infrastructure for walking and biking in the Northgate Station area has received a boost as Link light rail arrives in the neighborhood. With...

A Peek Inside the Northgate Link Light Rail Station

Yesterday, we showed you inside U District Station, and now here's Northgate. On October 2nd, Northgate Station will become the northern terminus of Sound...
A photo of an underground light rail station platform. A man walks away from the camera. The train tracks are empty.

A Peek Inside the U District Link Light Rail Station

After opening to the public on October 2nd, the U District Link light rail station is expected to receive the lion's share of the...
A photo of an elevated Link light rail line over a street.

A Transit Rider’s Guide to the Northgate Link Light Rail Extension

What you need to know about transit service and special events for the Northgate extension opening on October 2nd. It's a mere two and a...

Metro Unveils New Station Area Maps Ahead of Northgate Link Extension Opening

Ahead of the Northgate Link extension opening, King County Metro has quietly unveiled new area maps that will be located within light rail stations...