Map of the Week: Cross-Sound Bridges for Highway Pipe Dreams

Seattle has too many urban highways, but it could have had so many more if state leaders had realized all their dreams of highway...

Latest Seattle Subway Vision Map Refines the Metro 8 Line, Adds Edmonds to Network

Seattle Subway isn't an organization to rest on its laurels. Fresh off Sound Transit 3 (ST3) success--with voters greenlighting 62 miles of light rail...

Sunday Video: How Leonardo da Vinci Made a “Satellite” Map in 1502

0 Long before satellite was invented, Leonardo da Vinci made highly accurate maps mimicking the above view plan commonly found in satellite-based maps.

The Urbanist’s Greatest Hits of 2018

I'm proud of the work our team of volunteer writers produced in 2018. We covered Seattle urbanism and politics with nuance and depth, offering...

Map of the Week: Delhi’s Rapid Rail Rollout

India's capital of Delhi is a booming metropolis of 25 million people known for its heavy pollution and congested, chaotic streets. However, in the...
Wallingford Community Council proposed 2017 Comprehensive Plan amendment to remove more than 50 blocks and only park from the urban village. (City of Seattle)

Urban Village Boundary Contractions? No Thanks.

In my Sightline piece from May, I described how homeowners in Wallingford have worked for decades to block housing via downzones, increasing development burdens, and...

Seattle Subway Drops New Expansion Map Hoping to Guide ST3 Alignments

Seattle Subway released a new light rail system expansion map yesterday and hopes to use it to inspire Sound Transit and the general public...

Sound Transit Unveils West Seattle and Ballard Alternatives

On Tuesday night, Sound Transit presented its first crack at alternative corridor alignments for the West Seattle and Ballard light rail extensions. The Stakeholder...