Lidding I-5

Lid I-5: Ask The City Council To Support Freeway Mitigation Policy

Have you been waiting for a way to positively support the Lid I-5 community effort? Now is the time! The Seattle City Council is nearing...

Midweek Video: Lid I-5

Late last month, our own Scott Bonjukian participated in Capitol Hill Housing's annual community forum, called Gearshift 2016, to present the concept of freeway lids...

Lid I-5 Charrette Draws Big Crowd And Big Ideas

Last Saturday a diverse mix of Seattle residents, designers, and community leaders converged on the 12th Avenue Arts building to imagine lidding Interstate 5....

Lid I-5 Charrette Set For May 7th

The Lid I-5 campaign is kicking into high gear with its first major public event scheduled for May 7 at Capitol Hill Housing. The...

Lid The I-5 Trench Downtown And Consider Building Housing Too

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog recently covered architect Christopher Patano's plan to put a "lid" on I-5 through a two-mile segment, alongside First Hill and...
A visualization of I-5's complex weave of ramps and lanes. (Graphic by the author)

Lidding I-5 in Downtown Seattle: Design Guidelines and Moving Forward

In yesterday's article, I went over some of the characteristics of I-5 in Downtown Seattle and offered some temporary solutions for mitigating the effects...
Klyde Warren's Park's street edges are activated with food trucks, clear sight lines, and flexible seating. (Photo by the author)

Lidding I-5 in Downtown Seattle: Site Analysis and Interim Solutions

Yesterday's article went over cost estimates and offered three freeway lid case studies across. In this third piece on lidding I-5, I will summarize...
A conceptual pedestrian lane over I-5 between Pike Street and Pine Street, tying into the Pike-Pine commercial corridor and proximity to the busy Convention Center. Click to enlarge and see a before-and-after view. (Graphic by the author)

Lidding I-5 in Downtown Seattle: Cost Estimates and Case Studies

Yesterday, I covered the need for lid parks in Downtown Seattle and what they should be used for. In this article, I look at (very...