University Link: 84.6% Complete

In case you didn't know, Sound Transit's University Link extension is well ahead of schedule and already 84.6% complete. So far, all that remains...

Sunday Video: Gravity

0 Gravity by Sound Transit on YouTube. Sound Transit has launched a new advertisement campaign for 2014 with three 30-second videos. The lovely Voice of Reason makes...

Sunday Video: Farewell to Massimo Vignelli

0 This past week, transit designer Massimo Vignelli passed away. Vignelli was well known for his revolutionary thinking of wayfinding for transit systems. In this video,...

Sunday Video: Colman Dock

3 See the potential changes on the way for Colman Dock in this video about the Environmental Assessment.

Sunday Video: Up and Away

0 Vote Yes on King County Metro by the Downtown Seattle Association on YouTube. It's cheesy and totally impractical, but it gets the point across. Two days...

Seattle Streetcar Maintenance Facility Phototour

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