The competition is down to the elite eight of extremely objectionable intersections.

In Northeast Seattle, the two 5-way intersections advanced. Those two intersections each include two streets with the same name: NE 45th St, NE 45th Pl, Union Bay, and Mary Gates, and further southwest, NE 40th St, NE 40th St, and 7th Ave N.

The intersections that advanced out of South / West Seattle also included multiple streets. Rainier, Jackson, Boren, and 14th advanced in a resounding win along with the multi-intersection triangle of 35th, Avalon, and Fauntleroy.

Elsewhere, Ravenna & 65th near Green Lake barely advanced and will face off against
Mercer and 9th, one of several dysfunctional Mercer intersections, to be the worst intersection in SLU / North Seattle.

The vote counts in SLU / Central Seattle were the closest of any area, with 4th and Jackson (and 2nd Ave Ext S) moving ahead to compete against 2017’s worst intersection, Denny & Stewart.

A good argument could be made for any of these intersections, and you can review the case that was made in the original nominations thread.

Vote below to choose the final four worst intersections for walking, biking, and busing by next Sunday, June 2.

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