Link light rail train at University Street Station. (The Urbanist)

Connecting Ballard, Downtown, and West Seattle with light rail will represent an amazing leap forward for transportation in Seattle. But we must ensure that this project truly prioritizes transit riders and fulfills its potential to reimagine transportation in our region. That’s why The Urbanist and Seattle Subway are hosting an informative webinar on Thursday, April 7th, 6pm. During the event, we will provide a project overview, highlight areas where plans should be improved to better serve future riders, and provide tips on how we can use our public feedback to make the most impact.

Watch the webinar:

Sound Transit is currently accepting public feedback on its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), the planning document that lays out a menu of options related to route alignment, station locations, and station design and access. The feedback that Sound Transit receives on the DEIS document factors considerably into important project decisions made by the agency. This is an instance where your feedback really matters! By working together, we can ensure that priorities like fast and easy transfers between stations are emphasized in decision making.

If you care about the future of public transit in the Puget Sound region, this is the perfect opportunity to increase your knowledge and engage in transit advocacy. We hope to see you there!

Event Details:

Time to Prioritize Riders: How to Best Build Ballard and West Seattle Link Light Rail

Hosted by The Urbanist and Seattle Subway

Thursday, April 7th, 6pm

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