Mayor Harrell delivered his budget speech from City’s Charles Street Vehicle Maintenance Facility. (Seattle Channel)

In this week’s episode, reporter Ray Dubicki is joined by The Urbanist’s executive director Doug Trumm to discuss allocations and adjustments as Seattle’s budget season moves into high gear. The City has about $1.7 billion to spend, and there’s no end of things folks are asking for.

That list includes a lot of requests for street renovations and pedestrian improvements that we’re quite fond of. And there’s Mayor Harrell’s re-relocating parking enforcement from Seattle Department of Transportation back to the Police Department, which is patently dumb. But first the council has come up with ways to close the expected $140 million deficit, a gap that is projected to increase over the coming years. It’s a glimpse into some interesting Seattle leadership dynamics.

As promised, below are links to excellent resources about the budget from The Urbanist’s Ryan Packer and Publicola’s Erica C. Barnett. Their dedication wading into these budget proceedings in unparalleled and deeply appreciated.

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