Reporters Amy Sundberg and Ryan Packer will break down the City of Seattle's budget proposal. (Sundberg, left, and Packer, right)

The leaves are turning, Halloween is approaching… that can only mean one thing in Seattle city government: Budget season is here — a time when Seattle City Council is almost entirely focused on how the body will collectively amend Mayor Bruce Harrell’s proposed 2024 budget before the end of November. It’s a tall order, given the fact that this budget will set the stage for what the city does about a significant budget deficit expected to reach a quarter billion dollars in 2025.

Keeping track of the shape of the overall budget, issues in each department, and amendments put forward by different councilmembers is incredibly difficult, and it’s easy to miss things. That’s why we’ve assembled two of the most diligent city hall reporters in Seattle to lead a budget workshop this upcoming Monday night.

Public safety reporter Amy Sundberg and transportation reporter Ryan Packer will walk through what next year’s proposed budget looks like, some of the biggest amendments that have been put forward by councilmembers, and get into what productive budget advocacy has looked like in the past.

The workshop will take place just a few days after initial amendment proposals will have dropped, with plenty of time to advocate for changes before votes on those amendments take place in November. On November 13, the city council will hold its final evening-long budget hearing to hear from as many people about the budget as possible.

Council deliberations started October 20 and Budget adoption is expected on November 20 and 21.
Budget season wraps up at the end of November, but to stay up to speed on the budget, you’ll want to be paying attention very soon after initial amendment proposals drop this week. That’s where the budget workshop comes in. (City of Seattle)

Come join us on Monday, October 30, for this virtual event to get up to speed on what’s happening with the Seattle City Council’s most important job, balancing the budget. The event will start at 7pm with plenty of time included to get specific questions answered during the event. Watch the video here.

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