Public Health

Highway Viaducts Are Bad and Seattle Is Better Without One

We've seen a lot of wistful eulogies for the Alaskan Way Viaduct. This is not one. I hope the viaduct's concrete spirit burns in...

Midweek Video: What Face Masks Actually Do Against Coronavirus

0 Vox explains what masks can actually do to reduce transmission of diseases like COVID-19 and what people should know about them.

Doing Journalism in Pandemic Mode

These obviously aren't normal times. The economy is teetering, election systems are straining, and hospitals are preparing for a deluge of cases. Many parts...

Seattle Will Have Its Own Green New Deal

Seattle's City Council has unanimously voted to endorse the Seattle Green New Deal, which calls for the City to create and implement policies and...

Map Of The Week: Is My Neighborhood Toxic?

The number may shock you, but Washington state has identified over 12,300 toxic sites. Many of these are likely right in your backyard. While half...

New Food Safety Rating System Launches In King County

Seattle-King County Public Health (SKCPH) has launched a new food safety rating system for all restaurants across the county. The food safety rating system...

Building the Compassionate City

We shape our cities, and afterwards our cities shape us, to paraphrase Winston Churchill. In this, he eloquently drew a line between the built...

KOMO Demagoguery Piques Interest in Real Solutions for Homelessness

KOMO 4’s Seattle is Dying documentary hit Seattle like a giant stink-bombshell. Homelessness has been a big issue in Seattle for a while, but...