Pike Street

Let’s Make a Better Pike/Pine

Sure, that's a pretty picture, but let's face it: Pike/Pine as a corridor sucks. Yeah, there's a lot of lovely buildings and kitschy businesses...

Bike Lanes Are Social Justice

Last week, Michael Andersen at People for Bikes posted new data based on the most recent Census that shows the poorest Americans are twice...

Required Bicycle Parking and aPodments

The city's draft of microhousing legislation (p. 15) includes a previously proposed regulation for bicycle parking: 1 secure space for every 4 microhousing units. Seattle currently requires...

Why Urbanism?

Sometimes, when having conversations with fellow environmentalists, I find a disconnect in our understanding of urbanization. In the past, cities were regarded as dirty,...

Westlake Policy Ride

If you're not doing anything on Sunday afternoon, you could help make Seattle a safer place for cyclist and pedestrians, help improve access to...