This is the 7th year of the Worst Intersection in Seattle competition and it’s the biggest yet!

There are 19 nominees, including 6 different intersections within half a mile of each other in the Denny Triangle or along Denny. And that’s nothing new. An intersection on Denny has been voted the worst in all of Seattle half the time over the last 6 years.

Because the 19 nominees don’t fit neatly into a bracket, this first round will be a play-in round to narrow down the options. The competition aims to promote broad geographic representation in the final voting rounds, which means that voters this week will determine which three of these Denny intersections are worst and deserve to advance to the bracket of 16. The other 13 intersections have a bye this week.

Nominated intersections are shown on the map below, with this week’s candidates indicated with a question mark.

It will a tough competition, with two of the options in this week’s voting having won previously, Denny & Stewart (2017) and Denny & Terry (2015). Which ones of this year’s dangerous Denny candidates will advance?

Bad intersections usually fail several or even all modes of transportation and this competition is specifically focused on which ones are worst for walking, biking, and busing. Read the original nominations if you need convincing.

Vote in this special play-in round by Sunday, May 12. The bracket of 16 will be introduced next week.

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Troy is a pedestrian advocate who serves on the board of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. He loves cities and walking, hiking, and biking. He wrote a book to help others looking to find the right place for them, called Move to the Place of Your Dreams: A Relocation Handbook. By day, he is a professional consultant for a technology firm.

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I’m crushed that Fairview and Valley didn’t make this list. I’m always amazed more pedestrians aren’t hit there crossing Valley given the weird layout.


This is a very user-unfriendly way to do voting.