The Urbanist Slate graphic lists following endorsements for the general election: King County Prosecutor: Leesa Manion LD34 Senate: Joe Nguyen LD22-1: Jessica Bateman LD34-1: Leah Griffin LD22-2: Beth Doglio LD43-1: Nicole Macri LD26-2: Matthew Macklin LD46 Senate: Javier Valdez LD29-2: Sharlett Mena LD27 Senate: Yasmin Trudeau LD46-2: Darya Farivar LD30 Senate: Claire Wilson LD48 Senate: Patty Kuderer LD47-2: Shukri Olow LD48-2 Amy Walen LD33-2: Mia Gregerson LD45 Senate: Manka Dhingra LD11-1: David Hackney LD32-1: Cindy Ryu LD34-2: Joe Fitzgibbon LD01-1: Davina Duerr LD36 Senate: Noel Frame LD21-1: Strom Peterson LD36-1: Julia Reed LD44 Senate: John Lovick LD36-2: Liz Berry LD44-1: Brandy Donaghy LD37-2: Chipalo Street KC Prop 1: Yes, KC Charter 1: Yes LD37 Senate: Rebecca Saldaña
A cheatsheet of The Urbanist's endorsements. (The Urbanist)

With the news broadcasters going full wall-to-wall touch screens, it’s obvious that Election Day is upon us. Turn in your ballot now. Don’t wait until the 8pm deadline. Here are your ballot box locations in King CountySnohomish County, and Pierce County.

You can register to vote on Election Day, but that must be done in person. Check those election office websites for more information.

To assist with your candidate selection needs, please refer to The Urbanist Election Committee’s cornucopia of endorsements, ranging from the Washington Legislature to King County Prosecutor to Seattle City ballot initiatives. There is only one issue on the ballot, and that is the future. Vote like the atmosphere is on fire.

If you would like an audio version of our endorsements, check out the Urbanist Podcast where you can listen to the dulcet tones of Hannah Sabio-Howell and Rian Watt as you move quickly and deliberately to the ballot box. Subscribe to The Urbanist Podcast on your favorite service, or enjoy the episode here:

Guest Opinion Articles

And if you need some further conversation about the pros and cons of particular race or ballot initiative, please consider the work of some of our guest contributors:

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