Route 40 briefly uses Market Street to connect to 24th Avenue NW, sharing a stop with Route 44. (Photo by author)

Seattle Planning Scaled Back Benefit District Transit Boost, with Car Tabs Blocked

Transportation funding is in serious peril due to a perfect storm, but there could be help on the horizon. The storm started in November...

Concerns Persist Over Safe Access to Judkins Park Light Rail Station

Set to open in 2023, the Judkins Park light rail station will connect thousands of Seattleites to the growing Link light rail network. The future station,...

Rumors of RapidRide J’s Demise Appear Premature

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is still targeting a 2024 opening for RapidRide J Line, which will speed up...

Midweek Video: Metro’s New Eastlake Bus Layover Facility

0 King County Metro will construct a new bus layover facility on Eastlake Ave E and is still in the bidding phase for construction. The...

Sunday Video: Should Cities Keep Open Streets After The Pandemic?

0 Dave Amos argues why open streets being rolled out during the pandemic should be made permanent.

A First Look at the Beacon Hill Safe Bike Route Proposal

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has released initial plans for a large segment of its planned safe bicycle route in Beacon Hill scheduled...

Ideas in Open Streets: Bothell, W.A.

Bothell has opened up its Main Street for retail and restaurants in the age of social distancing. For a block of the city’s traditional...
A family on bikes crosses a 130th Street crosswalk.

SDOT Explores Mobility Improvements Near 130th and 148th Street Light Rail Stations

In NE 130th St & 148th Stations Multimodal Access Study, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) examines the tough conditions for people walking, rolling,...