Thursday, 23 January, 2020

Who is Mel Watt? He’s here to decide how much money to loan you (if you’re a homeowner).


The US Senate confirmed the nomination of Mel Watt to the the Federal Housing Finance Agency. The agency had been without a nominated executive since 2009 due to the threat of filibuster by Senate Republicans. Mel Watt will replace acting head Ed Demarco, and his appointment could pave the way for some big changes in home loan financing.

Average and Median Prices of Renting In Seattle


We completed our preliminary research on 1 bedroom housing in Seattle. We’ll be publishing this research once we’ve worked out all the bugs. In the mean time, we wanted to give a sneak peek at what we found.

Micro-housing isn’t being built in the suburbs. We shouldn’t act like it is.


As I mentioned in my previous post, there are many complaints about micro-housing but they share a common theme. Opponents believe micro-housing will drastically change the character of neighborhoods due to density and design.

Should we allow micro-housing in single family zoned areas? Should college students be allowed to share houses?


After Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development proposed regulations for defining what qualifies as micro-housing (as discussed in my previous post), it then proposed regulations for where this type of housing would be allowed.

aPodment opponents want you to live somewhere bigger. That’s not good.


One of the primary arguments against micro-housing is that the limited space is equal to low-quality housing. Opponents often compare aPodment residents to sardines crammed inside a tin.

How Affordable Is Living In Seattle? Housing and Transportation Edition


Housing and transportation costs are closely intertwined.

Getting the true cost of housing requires calculations beyond the costs paid for rent or mortgage.
The federal livability index takes into account not only the cost of providing a roof over your head, but also transportation cost.

Ed Murray Has Helped Single Family Homeowners. What about renters?


Ed Murray’s success in the recent mayoral election will affect housing policy in Seattle, but it’s unclear how.

I’ve put together a quick summary of his voting record on issues that affect housing to help provide some insight into what he might support and what he may prioritize.

Where are Seattle’s boundaries?


Generally speaking, Seattle is bounded on the east and west by Lake Washington and Puget Sound, respectively.