How Affordable Is Living In Seattle? Housing and Transportation Edition


Housing and transportation costs are closely intertwined.

Getting the true cost of housing requires calculations beyond the costs paid for rent or mortgage.
The federal livability index takes into account not only the cost of providing a roof over your head, but also transportation cost.

Ed Murray Has Helped Single Family Homeowners. What about renters?


Ed Murray’s success in the recent mayoral election will affect housing policy in Seattle, but it’s unclear how.

I’ve put together a quick summary of his voting record on issues that affect housing to help provide some insight into what he might support and what he may prioritize.

Where are Seattle’s boundaries?


Generally speaking, Seattle is bounded on the east and west by Lake Washington and Puget Sound, respectively.

King County Supports Youth Homeless Shelter


King County pledged $120,000 to help support the YouthCare’s James W Ray Orion Center.

The shelter helps homeless youth in Seattle and is located off Denny Way, between Capitol Hill and South Lake Union. The shelter has been facing a budget shortfall for some time and is still well short of the funding it needs to remain open next year.

What if everyone in the Seattle metro lived in Seattle?


Seattle would be a much denser city if its metropolitan area were squeezed inside the city proper.

The current estimated population of the city of Seattle is 634,435 people. If we divide that number by the city’s land area, 83.87 square miles (SM) we get a density of about 7,565 people per square mile (PSM).

Single Family Home Sales October 2013


Seattle Bubble reports a dip in the price of some single-family homes during October in King County. The main points:

Seattle Ranks #8 Nationwide For Walkscore


Walkscore released their top 10 ranking for US cities and placed Seattle at number 8. The rankings: