Unjustice: New data shows that one and five people booked into jail in Seattle are homeless.

Blending?: Race and class are beginning to blur in many urban neighborhoods.

Vancity bikes: Bike Portland reports on Vancouver, British Columbia’s new protected bike intersection.

Infrastructure hater: America’s fascist-in-chief wants California’s high-speed rail money back.

Deeply divided: Seattle ranks among the richest in the nation, but the wealth is spread very unequally ($).

Reducing housing barriers: A lawmaker in California wants to curb prohibitions and obstacles to development in high-cost local jurisdictions ($) to support new housing.

Maya Tren: Could a Yucatán Peninsula passenger train system be built in Mexico?

LimePods: Lime joins the carshare market in Seattle.

Berlin rental struggles: Berlin is considering a suite of ambitious rental housing market controls to help tenants.

Transit and bikeshare: What effects could bikesharing be having on transit ridership?

TOD density limits: An Oregon legislator wants to increase residential density limits near transit stops.

Obama library woes: Preservationists may end up blocking the Obama library in Chicago.

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