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What We’re Reading: Just Peachy, Empty Streets, and Missing Link Saga

Housing people: King County is planning to purchase hotels to permanently house people experiencing homelessness. Failing gigs: With a new law on the books legitimizing...
Grand Coulee Dam

What We’re Reading: Missing the Commute, Top 4, and Spawning Again

Missing the commute: If you're working from home and missing your commute, you're probably not alone ($). Doubling down: Germany is planning to align railway...
An airy train station with a glass ceiling held by steel latticework.

What We’re Reading: Moynihan Train Hall, Not Dead Yet, and Trading Maximums

Broader history: The National Register of Historic Places is very White, but it could use some broadening for non-White history ($). Montréal's RER: Montréal is...

What We’re Reading: Transportation Secretary Pete, Repeal Bike Helmet Laws, and Parking Mandates Repealed

Stretch dollars further: America can afford to build a lot more rail-based transit than projects are delivering. Security exploited: As cities require landlords to accept...

What We’re Reading: Renton’s Misguided Bill, Tony Hsieh’s Legacy, and Develop and Tax

Fighting a tax: Seattle's chamber of commerce is suing the City over a new payroll tax on wealthy companies. HUD pick: President-elect Joe Biden...

What We’re Reading: Protecting Multifamily Housing, Distracted, and Pierce County Coup Attempt

Housing hope: In Southwest Snohomish County, Housing Hope is looking at sites for affordable housing ($). Regrettable error: The West Point wastewater treatment facility in...

What We’re Reading: Taxing Vacant Homes and Carbon-Free Public Transportation

Threatening cuts: Transit in New York City is facing a dire situation where service could be cut by 40%, but is the threat real...

What We’re Reading: 57 Days, Unfounded Fears, and Trail Connection

Flimsy: Drunk walking statistics are built on flimsy conclusions. Stop drunk drivers: Meanwhile, the federal government is finally looking at technology to fight drunk driving. Lift...