It’s time to submit nominations for what has become an annual tradition to determine the worst intersection in Seattle.

Consider the intersection you hate to walk across. It’s also probably awful for biking, riding transit, and driving, too. In fact, this competition tends to highlight everything with wrong with Seattle transportation from an urbanist perspective.

Last year’s worst intersection, Denny & Stewart, is awful for people walking, who have to walk around cars blocking the crosswalks. It’s dangerous for the brave souls who are willing to bike through, who have to vigilantly watch for drivers turning. And, it’s maddening for drivers, who can’t go anywhere because of all the other drivers. Coincidentally, it appears some improvements are coming this summer.

The worst intersections from previous years aren’t any better, although some have seen improvements since they won the competition:

So, what’s the worst intersection in Seattle?

2016 Worst Intersection In Seattle: Green Lake / 50th / Stone

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