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    "I Love Everybody!"**

    "Haaswundrinahcoul' haatransfergosheltuh," said the young boy in front of me. Which meant, "Hi, I was wondering if I could have a transfer to go the shelter?" He slurred it out in the same tonality as yesterday, eyes averted. A pudgy young thing in his late teens. Everywhere but within the US, a homeless overweight person would be an oxymoron; homelessness inside and outside this country are very different experiences.* "Hey, I remember you from yesterday! Here you are. As long as you don't ask me that everyday!" He sheepishly bowed his head and scurried out of sight. I doubt very much he was homeless, what with his unmatted hair, clean skin, and new shoes– after a while you learn to thin-slice a person's economic condition pretty quickly– but as I've said before, I need to give him the benefit of the doubt. What do I know? Maybe it'd only been ...
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    Tukwila Makes Targeted Transit and Pedestrian Improvements Near Southcenter

    The City of Tukwila has delivered a series of pedestrian and transit facility improvements near Westfield Southcenter, a major regional shopping mall. The bulk of the improvements are focused on Andover Park West between Tukwila Parkway and Strander Boulevard. Andover Park West is a primary arterial in Tukwila's commercial core. On the west side of the street the arterial provides key access points to the shopping mall, while on the east side of the street the arterial provides access to chain stores, dealerships, and other commercial businesses. The City packaged a mix of street improvements, new transit facilities, and replacement of local water mains as part of the overall Tukwila Transit Center Project. Specifically, the improvements include: Installation of bus shelters, landscaping, waiting areas, and treated pavement Widening of the right-of-way Rechannelization of the street Addition of landscaped medians Installation of street lighting, security cameras, and traffic loops Replacement of sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and accessible ramps Replacement of ...
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    Woonerf Watch: Capitol Hill Edition

    A street improvement project that is about to start construction this winter on Capitol Hill might take a lot of people by surprise, mostly because it's coming in the guise of a park improvement project. But it's been in the works for quite some time.
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    Highway Mission Creep

    Last week, I wrote about the progress of the highway funding bill through Congress. A few politicians—Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Rick Santorum—don't want to fund highways at the federal level any more, endorsing transportation devolution. I also talked about Chuck Marohn's Strongtowns no new roads message, which has proven to have some appeal in the urbanist community. I didn't delve into the history of we got to the overbuilt highway system we have today. It's a story of mission creep. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was instrumental in building the Interstate Highway System through the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). The lore goes General Eisenhower was impressed with the efficiency of German autobahn system during World War Two and sought to emulate it in the United States. The catch was Eisenhower didn't envision plowing highways through major cities. Eric Jaffe tracked down the Eisenhower memorandum detailing his chagrin at highways steamrolling ...
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    Sunday Video: Look Up Film Challenge

    The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently invited filmmakers and architects to create short films to inspire people to "look up" to appreciate architecture and the way in which it shapes our everyday lives. The Look Up Film Challenge, is the first competition of its kind, with the finalists announced in Chicago on October 3, 2015. The public were invited to vote on their favorite entry, with the People's Choice awarded in November to this film, "Mixed Plate Hawaii" by Kaoru Lovett, Graham Hart, and Ronald Ribao. Their film explores the diversity of  Hawaii's architectural design and was also awarded Third Place and the Diversity and Inclusion award. You can view the other finalists here.
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    What We're Reading: Untangling A Behemoth Intersection

    All in for BRT: Kirkland has a concept plan for future BRT through the Eastside city. More than a US problem: Economic segregation and inequality is more widespread in Europe than you might think. Tall and affordable: A skyscraper planned for London could be built as "genuinely affordable" for future residents. Dual mode: An inside look at Métier, a new bike gym and cafe in Capitol Hill. Lid it already: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog talks with the architect actively pushing for a park-like lid over I-5. Serious about climate change: King County is putting a new, ambitious climate action plan into operation with a goal of 80% greenhouse gas reduction by 2050. Big overhaul: Sound Transit has selected Peter Rogoff, former FTA Deputy Secretary, as CEO of the agency and enacted fare changes across the network. Sad reminders: 137 plastic silhouettes dotted across Portland pay tribute to those who have died on ...
  • Tacoma Link Extension alignment and stations. (Sound Transit)

    Tacoma Link Extension Receives Final Approval

    Tacoma Link is set for a significant expansion thanks to final approval by the Sound Transit Board of Directors. At a meeting yesterday, the Board voted on a resolution to confirm final routing, station location, and expansion of the existing operations and maintenance facility. Tacoma Link will be extended by 2.4 miles from its northern terminus at the Theater District to serve six new stations in Stadium District and Hilltop Neighborhood. This expansion means that Tacoma Link will more than double in length from 1.6 miles to 4 miles in total and number 12 stations. On top of that, service will be mostly improved with trains coming every 10 minutes (instead of every 12 minutes) during most hours, and off-peak service will be improved to every 20 minutes (instead of every 24 minutes). The Board approved a U-shaped alignment that had been hotly contested throughout the earlier planning process. Built entirely at-grade, the alignment will ...
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